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Discover The Simple Process to Identifying Your Most Profitable Opportunities and Letting Your Marketing Do The Qualifying For You.
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How to Discover Your Target Market (Faster), Reveal Sellers Selfish Desires (Easier) and How to Make Sure They Sell To You (Automatically)
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This simple to read, 24 page report will help you define your target market, discover what every seller wants from the sale of their property and help you to provide educational information that increases your trust and indirectly labels you as the authority so they keep coming back for guaranteed results.

  • Identifying Hyper Focused Target Markets - Talking to everyone, talks to no one. Creating a hyper focused avatar allows you to consistently capture your biggest opportunities...
  • Creating Magnetic Marketing - Sellers are looking for useful information. Discover what questions they are asking, where they are seeking and what makes them take action..
  • Develop an Irresistible Offer - Leverage the power of valuable information and make it easy for your customers to take action on your offer...  
  • Continue to Add Value - Don't get lost in the "Popularity Contest" of Today's Competitive Marketers. Learn What Separates You From Other Investors... 
  • PLUS: You'll learn the psychology of WHY people buy, HOW people consume information differently and WHAT you can do to forever distance yourself from the old ways of marketing.. 
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From the Desk of: Erik Stark

Congratulations on making the greatest decision of your career! Learning the skills of a direct response marketer is the secret to todays most successful companies. 
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Congratulations on taking action and choosing to become an expert marketer. Marketing professionals are disappearing faster than ever with the evolution of easy to consume content. This leaves a large void in the area of educating your clients with useful  information that is relevant and applicable.

My passion for marketing came through years of being in the trenches of successful real estate investing. My late nights were consumed wondering "why did this seller respond and this one didn't"...or "why did they wait until the 9th letter to call instead of the 3rd" and "how does me adding a date, time and headline to my message trigger a response than if none was included at all"? 

Over the years, I gathered hundreds of marketing pieces from our competition. I studied them over and over. I learned their messages, their unique selling propositions, their response mechanisms, their sequence, their consistency and ultimately I learned EXACTLY WHAT WE SHOULDN'T DO if we wanted to receive the same dismal results many of them were receiving. 

So we created unique marketing pieces like the infamous "Drunk Letter", The SmartSell Books and Hacks Facts and News You Can Use Postcard...Marketing pieces that were relevant and applicable..and most importantly, NO ONE had these style of marketing pieces. 

Whether you are looking to start out with a BANG, tweak your way to exceptional results or simply want to revamp your entire marketing process, this 21 page simple-to-consume book will help you to define your ideal avatar, determine which questions they are asking, help you create marketing pieces that attract your ideal customers and make you the non bragging expert who consistently provides information that labels you as the authority and has them coming back to you for more results each time. 

This is only the beginning of an incredible journey, however you have chose an amazing path to venture out on. We are grateful to be considered your guide along the way.

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