"Ive Used This Same Process to Buy Several Hundred Properties"

Discover Seller Motivation (Faster) and Reveal Pain Points (Easier) With This Tried and True Process.
The Secret to Seller Negotiations That Most Investors Will Never Know About... And You Hope Your Competition Never Discovers
How to Discover Motivated Sellers (Faster), Reveal Their Pain Points (Easier) and Lead Them Down The Path of Profitability Without Conflict, Resistance or Opposition  (Automatically)
Here's What Is Waiting Inside:

This easy to read report will teach you the EXACT process we have used to buy several hundred properties without resistance and opposition. Broken down into a series of non invasive and strategically positioned questions, you'll quickly learn how to gauge sellers responses and move them along the pathway to the closing table.

  • Pre Set to Making and Taking Phone Calls - Athletes never approach the field until they are in "the zone". Real estate is no different. Use this cheat sheet as a guide to get in the zone before you pick up the phone...
  • The Bulletproof Seller Dialogue - This process uses a handful of strategically asked questions at the exact proper timing to reveal sellers pain points and motivation. Creating a "yes" state, getting your sellers to laugh and building rapport are just the starting points to a well constructed conversation. Inside, you'll learn them all...
  • Making Intelligent Offers - Learn the simple secret to getting offers accepted in the new economy. This one strategy has allowed us to buy properties well below what others were offering...You wont want to miss this 
  • 9 Words To NEVER Say To A Seller - Don't get caught in the gap of struggling to find words only to come up with the wrong one. These 9 words have proven to kill more deals than attorneys. You'll also receive the best replacement words to use...
  • PLUS: You'll learn the psychologically loaded process that has sellers agreeing with you, laughing along at your comments and gets them siding in your favor..
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Learn The Art Form of Negotiation And Begin Taking Control of Your Seller Conversations
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From the Desk of: Erik Stark

Congratulations on making the greatest decision of your career! Learning the skills of a professional negotiator is the secret to today's most successful investors. 
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Congratulations on taking action and choosing to become an expert negotiator. 

Whether you realize it or not, negotiation is at the center of ALL that we do. Your character, body language, market positioning and the way you come across to other human behaviors all play a vital role in your negotiation. 

Whether negotiating a left turn, tonight's dinner plans or the biggest deal of your career, learning the art form of true negotiation will always have a positive impact on those who learn its possibilities. 

If you are looking for a tried and true method that will put you in control of your conversations, have you earning trust with your sellers and have you closing more transactions, this easy-to-read, simple-to-implement playbook will get you on the fast track to expert negotiation. 

This process was perfected by our mentors (who used it to acquire $250+ million in real estate collectively) after nearly three decades of constantly improving its effectiveness, tweaked it to optimal performance. Its no magic pill for closing every deal, but a systematic approach to having non invasive, casual conversations with property owners that side the events in your favor. 

Take what works and eliminate what doesn't and perfect it for your own good. Practice these conversations and your positioning of each question to make sure you never further ahead than where your seller is mentally positioned.

Teach Me To Negotiate So I Can Close More Deals
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